Mass Calculator

Novor Mass Calculator is a free tool that can calculate the mass of amino acid residues. What distinguish this tool from others is that it also computes possible amino acid combinations of a given mass value. It provides useful syntax so that you can easily mix residues, mass tags and charge to construct the input. Give it a try and let us know how you think.

Cys modi:

Your input: {{updatePeptide()}}
Residue mass: {{result.resMass.toFixed(5)}}
Peptide mass: {{result.pepMass.toFixed(5)}}
y-ion: {{ result.y1.toFixed(5)}} (1+), {{ result.y2.toFixed(5)}} (2+), {{ result.y3.toFixed(5)}} (3+)
b-ion: {{ result.b1.toFixed(5)}} (1+), {{ result.b2.toFixed(5)}} (2+), {{ result.b3.toFixed(5)}} (3+)

Amino acid combinations within ±0.5 Da mass range (up to 400Da)

Mass Delta Residue
{{ x.m.toFixed(5) }} {{ roundMass(x.m, result.resMass) }} {{ x.s }}