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Antibody protein de novo sequencing technology can determine the amino acid sequence of an unknown antibody with mass spectrometry. Antibody protein sequencing does not require access to the cell line or prior knowledge of the DNA sequence. The technology is based on mass spectrometry measurements of the protein molecules. With merely 0.1mg of the antibody protein, within weeks you can receive a detailed report with the accurate heavy and light chain antibody sequences.

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Key Benefits

Guaranteed protein sequencing accuracy

Beyond 100% coverage of the antibody protein sequence from n-term to c-term, guaranteed. The most advanced de novo protein sequencing software and mass spectrometry techniques give confidence in an accurate antibody protein amino acid sequence. This makes sure that if you express the antibody recombinantly, it behaves the same as the original one.

Smaller Sample, Faster Turn Around

With our Antibody Sequencing Service, you get the antibody sequence or protein sequence directly from a small amount of sample (standard: 100ug; record:9 ug), without needing the hybridoma or any prior knowledge on the antibody protein/DNA sequence information. Get answers in as little as 1 week.

Unparalleled Antibody Sequence Confidence

Unlike other antibody protein sequencing services, our REmAb® + WILD® method can distinguish between Leucine and Isoleucine in the sequence. This removes the guesswork and reduces the alternative forms one has to try when expressing antibodies recombinantly – saving time and money.

Client Success Story

Dr. Pawel Lis
School of Life Sciences

Do you have the capabilities to do protein sequencing in your lab?
“Yes, we have an MS facility however we did not want to perform the bioinformatics analysis ourselves. Also, due to the costs of enzymes used for cutting the Ab and no guaranteed success we chose to outsource to Rapid Novor.”

Why was it important for you to know the protein sequence?
“We’re focused on species switching for our research, so switching a rabbit mAb into a mouse back bone, donkey backbone etc. As there is high species diversity, there is no hybridoma or cell line.”

How would you quantify the benefits of using our service?
“It saved us money, time in evaluating targets and time working with them.”

Would you recommend us to a peer?
“Yes, we already have.”


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