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We’re always attending conferences around the globe. Our team is eager to share our science with everyone, including YOU.

Please see below on the upcoming conferences we are attending.


Integrating AI and HDX-MS for Antibody Epitope Mapping

July 11 2024, 10:00AM EST | 16:00 CET

2024 Schedule

Date Conference Location
May 13 – 17 PEGS Boston Boston, MA, USA
June 2 – 6 ASMS Anaheim, CA, USA
June 3-6 BIO International Convention San Diego, CA, USA
June 4 – 6 Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Europe London, UK
June 17 HubXchange AbTx Boston Boston, MA, USA
June 20 – 21 Antibody Industrial Symposium  Montpellier, France
July 28 – August 1 ADLM Chicago, IL, USA
September 26 Biotech Connect – MaRS Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 15 – 17 Festival of Biologics Europe Basel, Switzerland
October 29 Biotech Connect – Simon Fraser Burnaby, BC, Canada
October 30 Biotech Connect – UBC Life Science Institute Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 6 – 10 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2024 Houston, TX, USA
Dec 7 – 10 ASH 2024 San Diego, CA, USA
December 15 – 18 Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics USA San Diego, CA, USA

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