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Our mission is to advance life science for better human health with next generation protein sequencing.

The Story

For over a decade people have had the impression that de novo peptide sequencing with MS/MS is slow. Dr. Ma, as a bioinformatician who worked on this problem for years, was deeply disturbed and wanted to make a change.  Starting from January 2015, Dr. Ma has devoted himself to a new de novo sequencing tool, Novor. The outcome of this dedication is rewarding: Novor achieved a speed of 300 spectra per second with a MacBook Pro laptop computer, with accuracy better than other available tools.

With an order of magnitude faster than any other software out there, and a speed surpassing all modern mass spectrometers in the market, the software may enable applications that are not possible in the past. Thus, Rapid Novor Inc was founded to make it happen.