Who is Rapid Novor?

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About Us

What began as three people’s vision to advance life science for better human health has evolved into the world-leading antibody protein sequencing solution operating out of their own facility which is the largest privately-funded mass spectrometry proteomics facility in Canada. Building upon co-founder and chief scientist Dr. Bin Ma’s scientific research and inventions, Rapid Novor’s team continues to push protein sequencing boundaries with its industry-leading REmAb® platform which can directly sequence antibody proteins without needing access to the cell line.

The team has over twenty years of experience specializing in proteomics, bioinformatics and Big Data processing and was the first to offer a commercial solution to distinguish between isoleucine and leucine (WILD®). In 2019, their team was awarded 1st place for Life Sciences innovation at the Shenzhen entrepreneurship and innovation competition in China and was also featured in Scientific American.

Our mission is to advance human health with next generation protein sequencing.

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