Our company is built by protein sequencing pioneers.

We develop our own software, technology and methods through seamless integration of bioinformatics teams, and mass spectrometry labs. Such integration gives our clients access to insights that only we can provide. It fuels the continuous innovation and refinement behind the high quality, reliable results and unparalleled abilities our clients have come to expect. With over 20 years of experience specializing in proteomics, bioinformatics and Big Data processing, Rapid Novor has successfully completed more antibody sequencing projects than any other team in the industry.

Meet Our Team.

Bin Ma, PhD
Bin Ma, PhDPresident and Chief Scientist
Dr. Ma has conducted bioinformatics research and technology commercialization for more than 20 years. Through his breakthroughs in MS-based protein sequencing technology, Dr. Ma seeks to provide new solutions to help mankind fight diseases.
Mingjie Xie, MSc, MBA
Mingjie Xie, MSc, MBAChief Executive Officer
CEO by day, chef by night.
Qixin Liu, MSc
Qixin Liu, MScChief Technology Officer
Code slinger and photography lover.
Liqiang Yang, PhD
Liqiang Yang, PhDChief Strategy Officer
Dr. Yang has 18 years of clinical development experience in oncology drugs. He has been involved in the clinical development, strategic decision making, and regulatory approval of many cancer drugs from top biopharma companies.
Iain Rogers, MBA
Iain Rogers, MBAVP Sales and Marketing
With his B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo and a dual MBA from Queen’s University (Ontario) and Cornell University (New York), Iain has 15+ years sales and marketing leadership experience. He has founded and exited two companies, and always has a dad joke ready.
Anthony Stajduhar, BSc
Anthony Stajduhar, BScDirector of International Business Development
With a solid biomedical engineering background, Anthony is dedicated to solving challenging technical biomedical problems, while enriching human lives. He works with leading researchers in antibody discovery and diagnostic development to provide a complete end-to-end solution using REpAb technology. He spends his weekends taking care of his hobby farm and hiking with his dog.
Jennifer Crha, MSc
Jennifer Crha, MScRegional Sales Manager
Her analytical chemist training, and working background in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food made Rapid Novor the perfect opportunity to apply all of Jennifer’s expertise in one place. Jennifer works collaboratively with clients across all sectors to see how REmAb technology can speed up discovery. Like Cesar Milan, Jennifer is also a dog whisperer.
Monique Seymour, MSc
Monique Seymour, MScSenior Scientific Sales Executive
With a masters in biotechnology and management from the University of Glasgow, Monique has a keen interest in empowering scientists to further their research for better human health. At Rapid Novor, Monique has worked collaboratively with hundreds of scientists in both therapeutic and diagnostic fields globally to understand their goals and apply her proteomics knowledge in tandem with Rapid Novor’s REmAb® service to speed up discovery. When not at a desk or a lab, you can find her globetrotting across Europe and Asia.
Olga Kapustina, B.Sc., MBA
Olga Kapustina, B.Sc., MBAScientific Sales Executive
Olga has a worked on the commercial side of biotech for almost a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and Business Administration and an MBA from Simon Fraser University.
Kyle Annibale, BSc
Kyle Annibale, BScScientific Sales Representative
After obtaining his B.Sc from Queen’s University, Kyle looks to leverage his analytical background to understand and solve preclinical problems with clients across Canada and South East USA. Driven by curiosity and his passion for pushing the boundaries of proteomics, Kyle is dedicated to fostering collaborative partnerships that promote innovation and accelerate scientific progress in the field of antibody sequencing. Outside of working hours, you can find him hitting the links or exercising to keep up with the fast paced biotech industry.
Dominic Narang, PhD
Dominic Narang, PhDManager, HDX Services, Sr. Scientist
Dominic leads our HDX team with over seven-plus years of experience in mass spectrometry. As a manager, he provides solutions to biotechnology/ pharma companies in their drug discovery and development platforms using Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange-Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS), a tool to characterize antibody-antigen interactions.

Before joining Rapid Novor, Dominic worked at various academic and industrial settings, including the University of California – San Diego, York University, and Sanofi Pasteur – Toronto. He has successfully delivered many antibody characterization projects using HDX-MS.

Jinrui Gan, PhD
Jinrui Gan, PhDManager, Antibody Characterization Services, Sr. Scientist
Analytical chemist with over 13 years of experience applying mass spectrometry for protein characterization.
Zac McDonald, PhD
Zac McDonald, PhDSenior Scientist and Manager of Proteomics Research
Prior to joining Rapid Novor, he led two proteomics facilities at UCT and the Center for Proteomic and Genomic Research in South Africa. Driven to provide high quality, reproducible results for clients’ research and quality assurance needs, Dr. McDonald’s many activities at Rapid Novor include the implementation of lab quality management systems and proteomic assay validation for clinical regulatory use.
Thierry Le Bihan, PhD
Thierry Le Bihan, PhDPrincipal Scientist
Thierry obtained his PhD from Université Laval. With extensive proteomics experience, Thierry leads our polyclonal sequencing efforts and dedicates his time to researching innovative ways to mine the immune system through next generation protein sequencing. Armed with a witty sense of humor, and creative thinking, Thierry is always busy dealing with many projects as he continues to tackle new ways to accelerate protein sequencing.
Don Xu, MD, PhD
Don Xu, MD, PhDClinical Lab Director
Highly experienced in anatomic and clinical pathology, clinical lab operation, biomedical research and biotech development, Don is invested in ensuring clinical regulatory compliance of Rapid Novor’s soon-to-be certified clinical laboratory.
Xiaobing Han, PhD
Xiaobing Han, PhDPrincipal Scientist, External Research Lead, Antibody Discovery
Xiaobing conducts and directs immunological and biological studies for 20 years, and with 14 years of experience in antibody therapeutics development. Xiaobing is leading the external collaborative research and antibody discovery efforts, investigating antibody responses against a variety of targets in a range of species.
Abir Khaled, PhD
Abir Khaled, PhDSenior Research Scientist - Clinical Proteomics
Amber Park, PhD
Amber Park, PhDApplication Scientist
With a background in mass spectrometry and a wide range of biomedical sciences, Amber applies her years of experience in multi-disciplinary research programs in industry and academia to the management of polyclonal antibody sequencing projects at Rapid Novor. Her love of collaboration and organization keeps the highly talented individuals that make up the REpAb team moving forward, together, and pushing the limits of what they can uncover.
Lindsay Kerton, MLT, CHPSE
Lindsay Kerton, MLT, CHPSEClinical Laboratory General Supervisor, Privacy and Compliance Officer
Lindsay brings well over a decade of healthcare experience and leadership to the team, overseeing regulatory licensing requirements, quality assurance, process improvement efforts and compliance with privacy laws. Her primary focus is on finding kind yet efficient pathways for healthcare teams to work cooperatively in delivering the highest quality patient experience through the use of cutting edge, innovative technology, collaborative workflows and finding creative solutions to overcome barriers to patient care.
Kathleen Gorospe, BSc
Kathleen Gorospe, BScSequencing Team Manager
With a knack for puzzle solving, there is no mAb sequence that Kathleen can’t decode. Armed with a team of dedicated, detail-oriented, fried chicken-loving bioinformatics specialists, she ensures that reported sequences are accurate. Whether the canvas is a piece of paper, a computer screen, or focaccia bread, Kathleen enjoys turning her “WILD®” ideas into art.
Frank Nemeth, CHRE
Frank Nemeth, CHREHuman Resources Manager
Frank studied at the University of Waterloo (‘94, BA, Honours Political Science and Applied Studies – Personnel Studies Specialization) followed by a successful career in Human Resources helping to grow several leading Canadian tech companies. He is happy to have lived in a time when he could see live-action adaptations of LOTR and his favourite Marvel comics on the big screen!
Marko Jovic, PhD
Marko Jovic, PhDProduct Manager
Genya Gorshtein, MSc
Genya Gorshtein, MScScientific Liaison
Genya holds a Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Guelph, where her academic journey honed her skill in translating complex scientific concepts into accessible knowledge. At Rapid Novor, she leverages her expertise to craft educational content and curate case studies that showcase the remarkable successes researchers attain through de novo antibody sequencing.

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Through next generation protein sequencing, Rapid Novor enables reliable discovery and development of novel reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Thanks to our Next Generation Protein Sequencing and antibody discovery services, researchers have furthered thousands of projects, patented antibody therapeutics, and developed the first recombinant polyclonal antibody diagnostics.