Our REpAb™ platform is the next generation of antibody discovery that sequences the monoclonal antibodies directly from a polyclonal mixture.

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REpAb™: Antibody Discovery via Polyclonal Antibody Sequencing


Antibodies have been used ubiquitously in immunoassays and monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are also used as drugs. Polyclonal antibodies (pAb) are routinely produced by immunized animals. However, pAb suffers from batch-to-batch variability and its production involves animal usage and is limited by the lifespan of the animal. Monoclonal antibodies are typically discovered by either hybridoma sequencing or phage display technologies. These methods face many challenges including long turnaround time, high cost, and the loss of the antibody diversity existing in the animal pAb. Powered by our proprietary protein sequencing technology, we present the next generation of antibody discovery, our REpAb™ platform. REpAb™ avoids these challenges by deriving the mAb sequences directly from the pAb sample.

How does it work?

REpAb™ starts with the blood of an immunized animal. The antigen-specific antibodies are extracted and analyzed with mass spectrometry. Meanwhile, the BCR genes of the B-cells are analyzed with NGS. Both the proteomics and genomics data are analyzed together with our bioinformatics software to derive the complete amino acid sequences of the most abundant mAbs in the mixture. These mAb sequences are then used to produce recombinant antibodies.

REpAb™ Advantages

  • Direct access to the functional native molecules that have already been naturally selected in blood. In particular, the antibodies discovered from human blood should have higher developability for therapeutic development than those discovered by other platforms.

  • Convert a functional animal pAb into recombinant mAbs, without needing to terminate the animal. This both reduces the use of animals and increases the production scale and reproducibility of your Ab products through recombinant expression.

  • Discover a diverse collection of mAbs. The diversity of the discovered mAbs faithfully represents the more abundant antigen-specific mAb components in the animal blood and is not altered by the “panning” process required by other cell-based discovery platforms.

Lab Analysis

Getting Started is Simple

In order to take advantage of our REpAb™ service, you must have access to the animal PBMCs and the immunosera.

Deliverables include the full mAb sequences with heavy and light chains properly paired. Recombinant antibody expression and antigen binding testing can be added to this service for an additional fee.

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