With NovorIg™, you can quantify the immune response by accurately profiling the vast antibody protein repertoire and its different isotypes, and subtypes in serum over time.

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NovorIg™ – Decode Immunity

Extracting Beneath the Surface

Traditional approaches that profile the immune response typically rely on the isolation and nucleotide sequencing of circulating B-cells. Although these approaches are still important, they may not completely reflect the full antibody protein repertoire and may provide a superficial account of the immune response. With NovorIg™ you can now take your insights to a deeper level.

Rapidly Mine the Immune Response

NovorIg™ rapidly mines the immune response with greater depth. By exploiting our proteomics and bioinformatics, NovorIg™ decodes the exact immune response at specific time points by mining the antibody repertoire in great depth with a combined analysis of the B-cells and antibody proteins.

Enhanced Examination

NovorIg™ offers researchers the ability to enhance their examination of the humoral immune response in different conditions including immunity cohort studies for disease diagnosis and prognosis by exploiting the biomarker nature of the antibody repertoire.

Lab Analysis

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