Team Rapid Novor Attending ASMS 2018 – Booth # 1018

Rapid Novor is bringing WILD™ to the wild WILD West June 3rd to 8th for ASMS in San Diego, California. We will setup our base at booth # 1018 and share with you our latest development on the accurate determination of Isoleucine and Leucine using mass spectrometry experiments while sequencing antibody proteins. We will also [...]

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Rapid Novor is Featured at Innov8 Newsletter from

In the January issue of the's Innov8 monthly newsletter, focusing on antibody and related topics, Rapid Novor Inc is featured alongside other renowned service providers. interviewed our co-founder and CEO, Mingjie Xie, and discussed on the importance of the antibody field in general, as well as new opportunities our REmAb™ antibody protein sequencing [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 513 @ Discovery on Target

The Novor team will be flying into Boston again next week attending the Discovery on Target conference. On Wednesday morning, Mingjie, our co-founder and CEO, will give a talk on the topic of Sequencing Antibody Proteins with Mass Spectrometry. Mingjie will share the best practices we developed during our journey sequencing hundreds of antibody proteins [...]

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First Pipetting Robot Installed at Rapid Novor

At Rapid Novor, we constantly look for ways to deliver our REmAb™ service better, quicker and more consistent. We believe automation, both in the lab and in the data analysis platform, is crucial to meet our clients' ever evolving requirements on service throughput and quality. Today, we have our first pipetting robot from Opentrons installed [...]

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Rapid Novor Presentation at PepTalk 2017, San Diego

We planned long and hard for a great start of 2017. From January 9 to 13, the Novor team will be at the PepTalk conference hosted at Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, California. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our experiences and best practices we developed during our journey in session T5A: Characterization [...]

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Rapid Novor Presentation at PEGS Europe 2016

The Novor team is on their way to this year's PEGS Europe conference, from October 31 to November 4, at EPIC SANA Lisbon Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal. We are honored to have the opportunity to present our works in the Engineering Antibodies session at 12:45pm, Wednesday, November 2. Our co-founder, Mingjie, will deliver the presentation, Antibody [...]

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ASMS Sanibel Conference 2016

The topic of this year's ASMS Sanibel Conference is Characterization of Protein Therapeutics by Mass Spectrometry. It is a great fit for us to talk about our Antibody Protein Sequencing Service. Built on the superior Novor de novo sequencing engine, we are developing an automated protein sequencing platform to help speed up antibody drug development. The [...]

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Novor in PatternLab for Proteomics

De novo sequencing method is widely used in the research communities where the organisms are largely un-sequenced. We are pleased to announce that Novor is supported by PepExplorer in PatternLab for Proteomics. PatternLab for Proteomics is an integrated computational environment for analysing shotgun proteomic data. The support and integration of Novor results provides PatternLab users unparalleled capabilities [...]

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Novor Integrates to IP2 Platform

We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between Rapid Novor Inc and Integrated Proteomics Applications, Inc. Users of Integrated Proteomics' flagship IP2 product will soon enjoy the real-time de novo sequencing capability powered by Novor. Integrated Proteomics Applications, Inc's vision, to make proteomics data analysis an easy, streamlined process, aligns perfectly with our integration strategy. The IP2 [...]

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DeNovoGUI Now Supports Novor

We are excited to announce that users are now able to run Novor in DeNovoGUI. Complementary to Novor's core value which focuses on translating spectrum data to peptide sequences, DeNovoGUI project provides a user-friendly graphical user interface for running popular de novo sequencing algorithms and present the results in an intuitive way. Novor is free for academic research. Combined [...]

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