Rapid Novor is bringing WILD™ to the wild WILD West June 3rd to 8th for ASMS in San Diego, California.

We will setup our base at booth # 1018 and share with you our latest development on the accurate determination of Isoleucine and Leucine using mass spectrometry experiments while sequencing antibody proteins. We will also present two posters this year and we invite you to discuss with our scientists:

  • MP 063: Studying the Prevalence of Secondary Light Chains in Research Purpose Monoclonal Antibodies with MS-Based De Novo Protein Sequencing
  • WP 036: Large Scale Study of the W-ion Isoleucine and Leucine Determination (WILD™) Method in Antibody De Novo Protein Sequencing

Sequencing monoclonal antibody proteins are doable for mass spec experts like you. Our REmAb™ sequencing service can help you drastically reduce the time required for those projects.

Come see us! Let us do the heavy lifting and you can focus on what’s more important in your research.