Rapid Novor Inc is proud to be an invited participant of the GBSI’s Antibody Validation Workshop, taking place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds from September 25 to September 27, 2016.

We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious group of thought leaders and industry experts for a better future of antibodies. The workshop will bring together key stakeholders from industry and the manufacturing, publishing and academic fields to share perspectives and contribute to tangible solutions for antibody validation.

Non-reproducibility issue is the biggest enemy the antibody community must overcome. Rapid Novor’s technology enables the sequencing of the antibody directly from the protein (a.k.a. de novo antibody sequencing). De novo sequencing provides the most direct measurement of the antibody. It can be used alone to sequence an unknown antibody; or used in conjunction with mRNA sequencing to confirm the mRNA sequencing results. The advantage of protein sequencing over the mRNA sequencing is that the PCR errors, expression errors and mutations can be captured. Its advantage over the traditional peptide mapping is that it can provide detail information at the granular level, such as the confidence for each amino acid. These advantages put antibody de novo protein sequencing technology at a unique position, which could be used to sequence antibody proteins with unknown sequences, or as an orthogonal method to pick out errors and inconsistency that are very often overlooked.