How Rapid Novor is Responding to COVID-19

Our Commitment to Our Clients and Team Members

Rapid Novor, Inc. recognizes the importance of maintaining the health and well-being of both our clients and dedicated team members. This is why we have incorporated additional health and safety protocols. These new protocols include mobilizing our team, minimizing the number of team members working in the lab at the same time, and enforcing stricter shipping and handling procedures.

Business Operations

According to the Government of Ontario’s list of essential workplaces, Rapid Novor Inc. is considered an essential business and as such, we are able to continue our core operations.

Our Project Delivery Timelines

Through implementing innovative business and operations processes, our team continues to meet our regular project delivery timelines.

Our Commitment to Scientific Discovery

Our motto at Rapid Novor Inc. is “speed up discovery”, so despite the growing concern over what faces our industry due to minimizing research budgets and shrinking capital, we truly believe there is no time to pause discovery. This is why we have made a commitment to sequence one antibody, free of charge, for a different researcher each month during the COVID-19 period. To learn more and apply go to: