It is the time of the year scientists around the world working with mass spectrometry get together exchanging ideas and celebrating achievements. Scientists from the Novor team will RACE to Indy this weekend to join the celebration. And here is the plan. :)  Looks like there are quite a bit of obstacles we need to overcome on our way! :D

Our co-founder and chief scientist, Dr. Bin Ma, will attend the conference as well. We invite you to come to our booth #926, or book a meeting to discuss with Dr. Ma on:

  • Real-time de novo peptide sequencing engine, Novor. Free for non-commercial use.
  • De novo protein sequencing techniques and best practices.
  • How to achieve 100% accuracy in protein sequencing using LC-MS/MS?
  • How we are able to sequence antibodies in a high throughput manner?
  • Why we are able to See the Unseen?

Beside science, we are also looking for regional partners to grow together.

Time to pack it up and RACE!