The topic of this year’s ASMS Sanibel Conference is Characterization of Protein Therapeutics by Mass Spectrometry. It is a great fit for us to talk about our Antibody Protein Sequencing Service.

Built on the superior Novor de novo sequencing engine, we are developing an automated protein sequencing platform to help speed up antibody drug development. The antibody protein is first digested by multiple enzymes. The resulting peptides are then measured by high resolution LC-MS/MS. The spectra are de novo sequenced and the target antibody protein sequence is automatically assembled using a reference antibody protein.

Antibody protein sequencing technology is particularly useful when cDNA or the original cell line is not available. You will have your money back if we cannot deliver the report confidently.

Please talk to us for service and technology detail.

As a side note, send in your monoclonal antibody samples before the end of February and mention the promo code, ASMSSANIBEL, we will get your first antibody sequenced half price.