Easy for Integration

Easy-for-integration is at the heart of Novor’s engineering. We recognize the diversity of research and production pipelines in this field. It is not possible to create a one-size-fits-all solution to satisfy all researchers around the globe. Novor is positioned to be a focused, light-weight and flexible tool that any research groups can easily plug into [...]

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Novor is Accurate

Accuracy cannot be compromised. This philosophy guided us throughout Novor’s development. The two attributes, accuracy and speed, are very difficult to be satisfied at the same time. Sometimes, it is so tempting to trade accuracy for speed to solve problems. Whenever this happens, we ask ourselves to overcome the problem in a different way so that the [...]

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Novor is Fast

Over the past a few year, the acquisition speed of mass spectrometers has improved quite significantly. Most software tool improvements are focus on accuracy, sensitivity or new applications, but the processing speed has not seen major breakthrough. We recognized this issue and here comes Novor. Novor achieves real-time performance without sacrificing the accuracy. What does this [...]

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