Distinguishing between Isoleucine and Leucine

Isoleucine (Ile, I) and leucine (Leu, L) are isobaric residues or amino acids with the same mass (Figure 1). Conventional mass spectrometry-based proteomics cannot be easily used to distinguish between Ile and Leu. In 2016, Rapid Novor became the first to commerc­­ially introduce a service, w-ion isoleucine-leucine determination (WILD® ), to distinguish between Ile and [...]

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Antibody Species Q&A

Q: What antibody species can you sequence? A: All of them! We are able to sequence any species because we use de novo protein sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). This type of protein sequencing by mass spectrometry does not rely on existing databases that might introduce bias or wrong amino acid calls [1]. In [...]

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Shipping Conditions Q&A

Q: Under what shipping conditions should I send my protein sample? A: We suggest the following shipping conditions: We recommend that you ship your samples either lyophilized or in solution. If your samples are already lyophilized it is best to ship them to us in that form, they can be shipped at ambient temperatures, [...]

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