Over the past a few year, the acquisition speed of mass spectrometers has improved quite significantly. Most software tool improvements are focus on accuracy, sensitivity or new applications, but the processing speed has not seen major breakthrough. We recognized this issue and here comes Novor.

Novor achieves real-time performance without sacrificing the accuracy. What does this mean to you?

  • Save time. Novor can process 300 spectra per second on a Macbook Pro laptop computer. On a dual processor server (20 cores), we have observed the stunning 850 spectra per second speed. Put this into perspective, an one hour LC/MS with 50,000 tandem spectrum can be processed under one minute with Novor.
  • Save money. Novor is at least 10 times faster than the best alternative solution. To achieve a comparable performance, other software tools may use a ‘cluster’ approach to speed things up. This not only increases your hardware spending, but also increases the IT complexity and IT management cost.
  • Save energy. Novor’s innovative algorithm can crunch the same amount of data within a fraction of the time a traditional solution requires. This reduced computer time translates directly to energy saving. Novor is greener.