Q: Under what shipping conditions should I send my protein sample?

A: We suggest the following shipping conditions:

We recommend that you ship your samples either lyophilized or in solution. If your samples are already lyophilized it is best to ship them to us in that form, they can be shipped at ambient temperatures, and are suitable for transfers longer than 24h.

In-solution samples should be shipped in cold conditions, with either multiple cold packs to last travel time or in dry ice. Keep in mind that dry ice will only last 18-24 hours. We are able to accommodate other sample forms (e.g., SDS-PAGE bands) but please contact us prior to shipping.

Temperature can affect the stability and half-life of proteins. In addition, there are often trace host cell proteases which can degrade the antibodies over time. Dry ice is preferred but cold packs can be used successfully as well. Expedited courier services are highly recommended. There is no need to add glycerol or other agents to prevent freezing.

Freezing and thawing antibodies is generally frowned upon if the functional aspects of the antibody need to be maintained, but for sequencing, we begin by denaturing and digesting the sample with various proteases. One or two freeze/thaw cycles have no negative effects, and in fact augment the complete denaturation. As, we process the complete submitted sample, we cannot guarantee any sample return.

We also provide a shipping label template for your convenience, which we ask you to attach to the outside of your shipping box for Custom’s purposes. We request that you send us your tracking information so that we may oversee the delivery and ensure the process is efficiently executed. For clients wishing to send samples through the US, we can arrange for a US-only shipping option. Contact us for details on this option and for the shipping label template when you are ready to ship your sample to us.

Maria Rosales Gerpe, Ph.D
Scientific Writer
Rapid Novor, Inc.