De Novo Protein Sequencing Service

If you are working with a species who’s DNA sequence is unavailable, or if you are trying to understand mutations or post-translational modifications, Rapid Novor has the solution. De-Novo Protein Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry can be used get a more complete understanding of your protein sample than would be possible only by referring to a DNA database. Better yet, we can do it quickly with a very small sample, and deliver unmatched accuracy.

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Key Benefits – De Novo Protein Sequencing Service

Unparalleled Protein Sequencing Accuracy

Protein sequencing without reference to a protein sequence database has its advantages and can be done with confidence using our protein de novo sequencing service. If a protein sequence is different from what’s available in the protein sequence databases, de novo sequencing is the only way to get a 100% accurate result.

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rapid novor antibody sequencing mass spectrometry service

The only Protein Sequencing service with WILD™

Isoleucine and Leucine are accurately determined by our WILD™ method. This removes the guess work in the Ile/Leu determination by the traditional enzyme specificity method.

100% Protein Sequence Coverage and Confidence

The identity of each amino acid is determined by analysing strong signal peaks in multiple MS/MS spectra of distinct and overlapping peptides. Our service goes beyond full protein coverage and focus on the amino acid level accuracy.

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