Meet Anthony: he likes having a quality meal. Balanced. With healthy fats like avocado. Anthony wakes up every morning to the smell of coffee and a strong sense of carpe diem. He doesn’t just employ the art of positive visualization, popularized by The Sopranos. His dogma, if a TV show’s principles could be dogma, is to embrace the spirit of competition and fully seize each day. He leads by example and walks tall, literally. Standing at 6’3”, he gazes ahead with clarity and tackles every challenge. Today, he marked a great milestone for our company, 1000 projects, unprecedented for a protein sequencing CRO. And he did so elegantly, with the poise of a great salesman. We couldn’t be prouder of this moment.

This moment marks more than 1000 projects

It means that we are paving the way with successful projects, satisfied and happy clients, and record growth. This milestone demonstrates our high-throughput process, where our fully automated algorithms and human-verified quality assurance process continue to surpass industry expectations. But most of all, it represents the countless moments spent in the lab by our technicians and scientists, who continuously give 110%. We also owe much of this success to the hard work and positivism of our business operations manager, Caitlin.

The constant dedication and passion of our team has allowed our company to continue leading the forefront of protein sequencing technology. Our continued growth is due to their curiosity and eagerness to seek opportunities for learning. Last month, our bioinformatics specialist, Kathleen, and our senior scientist, Thierry, both attended seminars on MS-based proteomics to continue honing their skills. Anthony also recently took a seminar to understand more about our client’s antibody needs and how to meet them. Our lab techs, Cindy and Isha consistently look for cutting-edge methodologies that increase our high-throughput. Our team of scientists, Thierry, Zac, Bin and Mariya routinely invest in meetings to brainstorm ideas and discuss the progress made by the MS community. Continuous self-improvement and ingenuity will continue to mark Rapid Novor’s endeavours.

We want to take this time to thank our driven sales team and our innovative scientists, software engineers & bioinformatic specialists, who allow us to deliver everything state-of-the-art technology and analysis can offer to our clients. We also want to thank our investors and clients for trusting us as world leaders in mass spectrometry-based protein sequencing.