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How Rapid Novor is Responding to COVID-19

How Rapid Novor is Responding to COVID-19 Our Commitment to Our Clients and Team Members Rapid Novor, Inc. recognizes the importance of maintaining the health and well-being of both our clients and dedicated team members. This is why we have incorporated additional health and safety protocols. These new protocols include mobilizing our team, [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 55 @ Festival of Biologics, San Diego

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at the Festival of Biologics conference in San Diego, California at the Loews Resort Coronado. Stop by Booth #55 & find out why over 240 research institutions have incorporated REmAb® de novo protein sequencing into their pipeline. Are you attending FOB 2020? We'd love to connect. Clayton [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 6 @ AE&T Asia, Kyoto

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Asia conference in Kyoto, Japan at the Westin Miyako Kyoto hotel.Stop by Booth #6 to find out why over 240 research institutions have incorporated REmAb® into their pipeline.Interested in attending? Contact us to receive a FREE hall pass! Anthony will be in Japan [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 421 @ PepTalk, San Diego

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at the 19th annual PepTalk: The Protein Science Week, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in beautiful California. Stop by Booth 421 and find out why it's important to attain both coverage and accuracy. Haven't registered to attend PepTalk 2020? Contact us for more information on how to obtain [...]

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Distinguishing between Isoleucine and Leucine

Isoleucine (Ile, I) and leucine (Leu, L) are isobaric residues or amino acids with the same mass (Figure 1). Conventional mass spectrometry-based proteomics cannot be easily used to distinguish between Ile and Leu. In 2016, Rapid Novor became the first to commerc­­ially introduce a service, w-ion isoleucine-leucine determination (WILD® ), to distinguish between Ile and [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 318 @ AE&T, San Diego

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at this year's Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference at the Marriot Marquis San Diego Hotel in California. Getting a 100% accurate, full-coverage sequence has never been faster or easier. Stop by Booth #318 to find out more and learn how to get started! Are you going to AE&T 2019? [...]

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How Mass Spectrometry Can Help Limit Reproducibility Problems

How much time is spent trying to find the right antibody? Photo Credit: María Rosales Gerpe Reproduced from Rosales Gerpe, M., Barber J., (Nov 8, 2019). How Mass Spectrometry Can Help Limit Reproducibility Problems. Scientific American, a Division of Springer Nature America, Inc., with permission.  Antibodies are critical for biological and medical [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth # 323 @ PEGS Europe, Lisbon

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at this year's PEGS Europe hosted at the Lisbon Congress Center in Lisbon, Portugal. Come say hello to our Scientific Sales Executive, Jennifer at Booth #323 Or join us for our presentation on antibody sequencing: the process, the best methodologies and how we achieve 100% coverage & accuracy. Are [...]

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Night of Biotechnology Nov 6, 2019

Join us November 6, 2019 for another Night of Biotechnology at Catalyst137 ! Hear from our BD Manager, Anthony Stajduhar, Director of BD at Abveris, Ryan Kelly and CSO of Phenomic AI, Arif Jetha. Career growth and progression doesn't look the same for everyone & this couldn't be truer for STEM graduates. At this event, [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth #18 @ Festival of Biologics, Basel

Rapid Novor will be exhibiting at this year's Festival of Biologics conference hosted at the Basel Congress Centre in Basel, Switzerland. Our Business Development Manager, Anthony, and our Scientific Sales Executive, Clayton, will be at the booth demonstrating how our REmAb™ de novo protein sequencing platform has the highest coverage per μg.  Stop by Booth #18 to [...]

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Rapid Novor Booth #408 @ DOT Boston Conference

Team Rapid Novor Team will be exhibiting at the 17th Annual Discovery on Target meeting hosted at Westin Copley Place in Boston, Massachusetts. You can find us at our exhibit booth #408! Our Business Development Manager, Anthony, and our Scientific Sales Executive, Jennifer, will be at the booth showing off how our de novo protein [...]

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Antibody Species Q&A

Q: What antibody species can you sequence? A: All of them! We are able to sequence any species because we use de novo protein sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). This type of protein sequencing by mass spectrometry does not rely on existing databases that might introduce bias or wrong amino acid calls [1]. In [...]

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Shipping Conditions Q&A

Q: Under what shipping conditions should I send my protein sample? A: We suggest the following shipping conditions: We recommend that you ship your samples either lyophilized or in solution. If your samples are already lyophilized it is best to ship them to us in that form, they can be shipped at ambient temperatures, [...]

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Protein Purity Q&A

Q: How much protein and what purity is needed for protein sequencing? A: We typically accept samples at 100 µg with at least 80% purity, rare in the field. To measure the amount of protein, you can use a microvolume spectrophotometer such as the Nanodrop or a traditional Bradford assay. To assess purity of [...]

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Study: Increased De Novo Protein Sequencing Coverage with Optimal Protease Cocktail

Overview Introduction Sample preparation for complete LC-MS/MS sequencing of a pure protein sample differs substantially from the preparation used for protein identification in complex samples. To sequence a protein de novo, the experimental design should aim to identify each amino acid (a.a.) multiple times within different peptides, instead of relying on only a few peptides [...]

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Protein Contaminants Q&A

Q: What are common contaminants that could affect my protein sequencing results? A: Typical contaminants that we see affecting samples are non-target proteins, and non-target antibodies [1, 2, 3]. Protein Contaminants The most common protein contaminants include keratin and serum albumin [1, 2, 3]. Other Mass Spectrometry (MS) protein contaminants identified in research labs worldwide [...]

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What is Protein Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry?

Frederick Sanger, father of DNA sequencing, sequenced the first protein, insulin, before he began his efforts in deciphering nucleotide codes. Nowadays, DNA sequencing is so popular that it is easy to forget that the first sequenced biological material was protein – insulin, by Sanger [1, 2]. Sanger, and another [...]

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Milestone: 1000 Projects

Meet Anthony: he likes having a quality meal. Balanced. With healthy fats like avocado. Anthony wakes up every morning to the smell of coffee and a strong sense of carpe diem. He doesn’t just employ the art of positive visualization, popularized by The Sopranos. His dogma, if a TV show’s principles could be dogma, is [...]

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Highlights from ASMS 2019

This year’s American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia, the peach state of the US. Our Proteomics Specialist, Kathleen Gorospe, brought back home some delicious peach cookies, for which we have no pictures because they were devoured instantly. The ASMS conference was very fruitful indeed. There was a total of [...]

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Study: De Novo Protein Sequencing Vs. DNA Sequencing

A Large-Scale Comparison of MS-based Antibody De Novo Protein Sequencing and Targeted DNA Sequencing Introduction The DNA sequences of antibodies are highly diverse due to the V-(D)-J recombination and hypersomatic mutations. As such, a new antibody of interest is unlikely to appear in any existing sequence database. Consequently, the database search approach commonly used in [...]

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Study: Prevalence of Secondary Light Chains

Introduction Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are widely used in research, diagnosis, and pharmaceutical purposes. Lately, the relatively lower quality of the research-purpose mAbs is a point of concern within the research community¹,². The problems include the lack of validation and low reproducibility. As most of the validation is done by immunoassay, the extent of protein contamination, [...]

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